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Маршрут две: Пътуване от книга до филм


Turnu Măgurele - Siliştea Gumeşti - Alexandria - Giurgiu - Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo - Svishtov - Nikopol - Turnu Măgurele


mixed: literary- cultural- historical

Description / Program:

Point of departure - The Central Park of Turnu Măgurele near the Saint Haralambie Cathedral, Romania

07:30 h. Our journey - a bouquet of stories about originals and their incarnations, commencing with a Romanian city on the Danube - Turnu Măgurele and its cathedral Saint Haralambie - built on the model of the cathedral in Curtea de Argeş. The great Romanian historian Nicolae Iorga considers it to be the third in the country by value and beauty, after those in Curtea de Argeş and the Sfinţii Trei Ierarhi monastery in Iaşi.

Departure for Siliştea Gumeşti - the birthplace of one of the emblematic Romanian prose writers of the second half of the last century. Visit to the Marin Preda Museum House arranged in the old school building in Siliştea Gumeşti, where the author studied.

Marin Preda is the author of the trilogy about the story of the Moromeţii family - the story of the Romanian village in the 20th century in which millennial harmony was destroyed by catastrophic social cataclysms. Based on the first book, a film was made in 1987, which became one of the most favorite films for Romanians.

Thirty years later, in 2017, a sequel based on the second volume was shot by the same director Stere Gulea in which very good actors played. The film was shot in the same village and house in the village of Talpa - 30 km away from writer's birthplace. The script recreates the story of the Moromeţii family after the Second World War, in an extremely turbulent historical context - the installation of communism. The two main characters, Ilie Moromete and his son Niculae, see these changes with different eyes, a constant occasion for conflict.

We continue to Alexandria, on the way - a panoramic view of the second Beverly Hills - the small town of Buzescu, where we find ourselves as in a movie setting, but in fact this is the real life of gypsy barons of modern Romania.

We arrive in the capital of Teleorman County - Alexandria.

Those curious can see the Collectivization in Teleorman (1949-1962) exhibition at the town's historical museum. Free time. Overnight stay.

Breakfast. Departure for Ruse across the Danube Bridge.

A walk around the center of Ruse will let us immerse in a feast of architecture, history and culture. Our walk starts from the old center of Ruse - Batenberg Square and the remarkable story of the buildings with which it is surrounded - the historical museum - the former District Office - the first large public building in the new Bulgarian state, the building of Knyaz Boris Men's High School built in 1894 - 1898 and where Stoyan Mihaylovski, a teacher of French, wrote the lyrics of Go, Revived People, the building of the first Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, which today houses the Lyuben Karavelov Regional Library.

Our literary journey will begin under the dome above the main entrance of the library, where a clock with a bell mechanism from 1922 is installed, located in the center of a permanent exhibition of exlibrises on Cultural and Historical Heritage - a unique, one of a kind public collection with authors from all over the world - masters of small graphics.

Our walk goes on along the streets of Ruse and our next stop is the merchant house of Armenian merchant Sarkis Kuyumdzhiyan, father of English writer Michael Arlan (Dikran Kuyumdzhiyan) and his extraordinary story from Ruse to London and America, where he became part of the bohemian class for which he liked to write, and he was remembered as a person with refined manners and a taste for luxury. The aristocratism and the whole atmosphere of old Ruse with its architectural coziness, impressed the film crew of the elegant intellectual thriller When Nietzsche Wept based on Irvin Yalom's novel and where director Pinchas Perry shot the film starring Armand Assante, Ben Cross and Katheryn Winnick.

The literary walk continues to the places of Canetti - the citizen of the world who did not forget his hometown of Ruse. In 1981, Elias Canetti received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his entire work characterized by foresight, richness of ideas and artistic power.

Passing through the square bearing his name and displaying his bas-relief, we head to the Polikar and Canetti merchant house. Currently, the Elias Canetti international company manages the building, where cultural events, exhibitions and film screenings are organized. Possible screening of the First Window documentary about Elias Canetti made by the Regional TV Center, Ruse. Free time in Ruse. Overnight stay.

Breakfast. Departure for Veliko Tarnovo - the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, but our walk in the old capital city will begin in the vicinity of Samovodska Bazaar, on the former Cherkovna street at the Emiliyan Stanev museum house. When it was created in the years of late socialism, it was an untraditional museum, breaking patterns, made based on the art project of director Valo Radev, screenwriter and director of The Peach Thief - an iconic Bulgarian feature film of 1964 created based on Emiliyan Stanev's homonymous novel. Museum expositions reveal a person with interests in many fields, which is also confirmed by his literary work. On the top floor, you can relive moments with the images of favorite Bulgarian actors who starred in films based on Emiliyan Stanev's works, and excerpts of those films can be seen. Five of Emilian Stanev's works come to life on the screen. They all have kept their original titles. In a Quiet Evening, The Peach Thief, Ivan Kondarev, The Queen of Tarnovo, The Badger.

Free time for visiting other historical and cultural sites in Veliko Tarnovo. Overnight stay.

Breakfast. Departure for Svishtov - the hometown of one of the most important Bulgarian writers - Aleko Konstantinov (known by the pseudonym of The Lucky). His literary character Bay Ganyo is perhaps the most quoted literary character in Bulgarians' everyday speech. That is why the 1991 film adaptation of Bay Ganyo goes around Europe by director Ivan Nichev and the character's unforgettable interpretation by Georgi Kaloyanchev is one of the most watched films by Bulgarians.

Visit to Aleko Konstantinov museum house, which welcomes us with an impressive restoration of the layout in a rich merchant house from the second half of the 19th century. Free time in the city. Departure for Nikopol - the town near which the great battle of the penultimate great crusade in the Middle Ages took place. The Voivode of Wallachia Mircea the Elder, who was a vassal of Hungary, also joined the Crusade army with considerable force. The importance of the battle in Romanian history is also evidenced by the engraving in one of the halls of Peleş Castle in Sinaia, which represents the battle of Nikopol.

Crossing the Romanian border by ferryboat at 16:00 h or 19:30 h.

Return - place - The Central Park of Turnu Măgurele near the Saint Haralambie Cathedral, Romania

*The program allows for combinations with different starting points, changing the number of days and organizing family trips.

transport, overnight stay in 3 * hotels with breakfast included, tour guide service, estimate price for the described itinerary for a group of 40 persons - 240 Lv. excluding entrances for sites visited and optional additional excursions. (prices are effective as of July 2020)

Rustic Hotel, Alexandria http://www.hotelrestaurantrustic.ro

Red hotel, Alexandria - https://www.redconfourthotel.ro/

Dunav Hotel, Ruse - https://dunavplaza.bg/

Splendid Hotel, Ruse - http://www.splendid.rousse.bg

Anhea Hotel, Veliko Tarnovo - https://anheabg.com/ceni/

Stambolov Hotel, Veliko Tarnovo - http://hotel-stambolov.com/

  • Alexandria

- Crama Unicom Restaurant - http://www.unicomgroup.ro/

- Restaurant "Conciato" - http://conciato.ro/ro/

  • Ruse

- Chiflika Tavern - http://chiflika.eu/

- Restaurant "Behind the wall" - http://stenata.info/

  • Veliko Tarnovo

- Restaurant "Happy" - https://www.shtastliveca.com/

- Tavern "Hashove" - http://mehana.hashovebg.com/

  • Svishtov

- Restaurant "Svishtov" - https://www.facebook.com/%D0%A0%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%82%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1 % 82-% D0% A1% D0% B2% D0% B8% D1% 89% D0% BE% D0% B2Restaurant-Svishtov-123678224320554 /

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Turnu Magurele
- restaurant and terrace Unicom - http://www.unicomgroup.ro/

  • Turnu Magurele - https://www.autogari.ro
  • Silishcha Gumesht - https://www.autogari.ro
  • Alexandria - https://www.autogari.ro
  • Giurgiu - https://www.autogari.ro
  • Ruse - https://www.avtogararuse.org/index.cgi
  • Veliko Tarnovo - http://www.pprevozi.com/?mod=home
  • Svishtov - http://avtogara-svishtov.com/
  • Nikopol - ferry between Nikopol and Turnu Magurele - http://www.brp.bg/services.html